Book Review – Rose B. Fischer’s Write Away: Quick Guide to Character Flaws

If you’re anything like me, at some point in your writing you’ve had a character who was flat, lifeless, and honestly more annoying than they were relatable. Maybe you did like me and scrapped them or put them on the back burner until you figured out some way to fix them.

Rose B. Fischer’s new mini guidebook, Write Away: A Quick Guide to Character Flaws, is a no nonsense look at character traits and how important flaws are in creating compelling characters.

It can be hard to figure out flaws and how to use them in a way that makes your character into someone your readers can sympathize with and root for. Rose’s new book discusses where flaws come from and how they not only effect character development, but open up plot opportunities you might not have had without those layers and flaws in your character.

Rose uses Star Wars characters for reference, breaking down the main character’s traits with specific examples of how their individual qualities and flaws effect their growth in the story.

I can already think of ways to take advantage of the techniques and examples she showed to help me fix a couple of my characters. If you’re like me and struggle to build your characters into people you can relate to, pick up Rose’s book when it comes out on Amazon on December 7th.


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